Paprika Powder
Paprika Powder

Paprika Powder

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Paprika is a spice made from dried and ground red peppers. It is traditionally made from Capsicum annuum varietals in the Longum group, which also includes chili peppers, but the peppers used for paprika tend to be milder and have thinner flesh. In many languages, but not English, the word paprika also refers to the plant and the fruit from which the spice is made, as well as to peppers in the Grossum group (e.g. bell peppers). Paprika can range from mild to hot – the flavour also varies from country to country – but almost all plants grown produce the sweet variety. Sweet paprika is mostly composed of the pericarp, with more than half of the seeds removed, whereas hot paprika contains some seeds, stalks, ovules, and calyces. The red, orange or yellow colour of paprika is due to its content of carotenoids.

Health benefits of includes improves digestive health and metabolism, fights inflammation, supports cardiovascular health, may improve cognitive functions, promotes red blood cell growth, improve ocular health and keeps your hair and skin healthy and many more.

Ingredients: 100% Paprika only

Serial Number: NN146

Origin: China

Vegan. Gluten-free. Lactose-free. Dairy-free. Grain-free.