Food Safety Policy

We the stakeholders (top management and employees) of Nutty Nuts Foodstuff Factory LLC are fully committed to providing safe food and quality products to our customers throughout the entire supply chain.

This commits us to the following obligations:

  • Providing and facilitating the manufacture and supply of product in safe way considering all possible hazards
  • Strict adherence to FSSC 22000 (Food Safety Management System) at all time and locations in the processing and distribution of food stuff
  • Utilization of advanced technology and good management practices to ensure efficient supply chain management
  • Performing our work to the highest standards of quality following applicable Statutory and Regulatory requirements and it is appropriate to the purpose and context of the organization and support its strategic direction.
  • Establishing and reviewing key objectives and performance indicators and taking Corrective and Preventive action as needed.
  • Updating and monitoring the Food Safety Management System with a view of continually improving it.
  • Adopt continuous improvement in all aspects of food safety through education, training, and awareness programs.
  • Effective external communication and training on food safety related issues.
  • Establishing and upgrading measurements, analysis, preservation, food safety, communication and information technology system.
  • Reviewed annually by Management and Food safety team to ensure that it continues to reflect the aims of the company and keeps up-to date with legislation requirements
  • All levels of organization (Management, Supervisor, Employees) are responsible for the Food safety program


Compliance with the above by all of us, will ultimately lead to maintain and achieve highest levels of customer satisfaction by means of globally accepted standards.